It's A Wonderful Life

World premiere 4/5/19




General sale: £95 + 2.7% booking fee.

Recent alumni*: £105 + 2.7% booking fee.

Alumni: £115 + 2.7% booking fee.

*Alumni who have graduated in the past three years inclusive.

The Somerville-Jesus Ball is working in partnership with FIXR.

Terms and Conditions of Ticket Purchase

  1. Tickets for the Ball may only be purchased by a current student, alumnus (specifically of Somerville or Jesus College) or employee of the University of Oxford and/or of its constituent Colleges.

  2. Tickets for the Ball are subject to availability.

  3. Tickets will be sold on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

  4. Anyone who purchases a ticket of a different type which was not allocated to them (for example, alumni purchasing tickets designated to current students) risks having their ticket forfeited. This will be done at the discretion of the ticketing officer and the ball committee.

  5. When applying for a guest ticket, the application must include the guest’s name and email. A guest does not have to be a member of the university, but must be above the age of 18.

  6. No refund will be offered to any ticket for the ball, except in exceptional circumstances. Whether or not a refund will be granted is fully at the discretion of the ticketing officer and ball committee, and any refunds are limited to the face value of the tickets purchased.

  7. All persons attending the ball must be above the age of 18. Any individual who is found to not satisfy this condition will immediately have their ticket forfeited without refund. All guests must have their university card (if a current student) and another form of identification (such as their driver’s licence) with them at the event, and must show this upon request of any member of staff at the ball. Failure to do so will result in the guest being removed from the ball.

  8. With the permission of the ticketing officer, a ticket can be transferred to another individual (must also be a university student/staff/alumnus). It is the sole responsibility of the original owner of the ticket to obtain any financial compensation from the new ticket owner for the transfer of the ticket, and not the responsibility of the ticketing officer or ball committee. However, tickets may not be resold for any financial gain, and any individual found to be doing as such will have their ticket forfeited without refund.

  9. A ticket holder may amend the name(s) and other details on their ticket(s), with permission from the ticketing officer.

  10. Requests for any of the above should be addressed to the ticketing officer. Requests will only be considered if submitted before 27/04/19. At the discretion of the ticketing officer and the Ball committee, an administrative fee may be charged for such amendments to the original ticket order.

  11. Once an individual has purchased ticket(s), they will be sent an email containing a scannable QR code. This email in itself is not sufficient to be granted entry to the ball. This QR can be scanned at a location TBC in exchange for a wristband, which grants entry to the ball. Ticket holders must follow the detailed instructions for wristband pickup nearer to the time of the Ball.

  12. On the night of the Ball, it will be at the discretion of the security/first aid/college staff and junior dean teams to remove any guest from the ball and refuse re-entry by removing their wristband, if their behaviour is or is deemed to be a risk to the wellbeing of themselves or to others in the opinion of the people listed.

  13. Those mentioned in the point above will take any names of guests that have to be removed from the Ball. It is at the discretion of the ball committee, and those concerned in the above point including both of the colleges, as to whether they follow up this behaviour following the event.